apprenticeships in massage therapy sussex

Apprenticeships are one of the best ways in recent years to get your foot in the door in the business world. From the transition from schooling to being in a professional workplace, apprenticeships are a fantastic answer to get the best of both in education and on the job experience.

On our apprenticeships in Sussex, you can expect to be studying massage therapy while working in a beauty salon but for a lower learner-based wage. If you study one of our massage therapy apprenticeships with us in Uckfield Sussex, you can expect to be learning in a fully equipped, modern-day beauty salon.

Our team in Sussex want you to get the best out of your massage therapy apprenticeships and that is why we will get you learning massage therapy techniques and skills from the get-go. We don’t want you going to a salon and being stuck making the teas and coffees for months on end, no. We want to help you kick-start your massage therapy career with us in Sussex.

If you are interested in looking after others wellbeing as well as your own, then massage therapy apprenticeships in Sussex could be a good career option for you. We all deserve a pampering every now and then and like to look and feel good, and our apprenticeships in Sussex can provide you with the skills to help you achieve that. The apprenticeships we offer are a great introduction to massage therapy. These apprenticeships will get you your qualifications based on National Occupational Standards in Sussex and will teach you all you need to know to be a professional in the massage therapy region.



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