What are the Benefits of Employing an Apprentice ?


  • The initial cost of hiring an apprentice is often less than many Salon Owners may think. The employer must pay the national minimum wage for apprentices (£5.28) April 2023/2024 whilst training and learning.  


  • The government fully fund apprenticeships with no cost to the employer towards the training of an apprentice who is under the age of 19 on induction.


  • The employer may be entitled to £1000.00 incentive payment from the Educational Skills Funding Agency for students under the age of 19 on commencement of their training.


  • Develop your apprentice to work within your salon to meet your needs and expectations.


  • The apprentice must be employed a minimum of 30 hours per week which includes their one day off job training at our training academy in Uckfield.


Apprenticeship Recruitment


Partners 4 Training Ltd are attending several careers fairs and school career events which results in many enquiries from school leavers that are wanting to find a salon who are looking for an apprentice.